About me

My blog is about simple observations and ponderings. It’s about writing. It’s quiet with the occasional rant.

I write creative nonfiction and experiment with essay: lyric, personal, meditative, and the collage. I am particularly interested in the edges at which fiction, nonfiction, and poetry meet (or don’t) to explore new forms. It’s the Wild West of nonfiction.

I read: my books are dog-eared, highlighted, Post-It noted, and margin-scribbled. The bindings fall off. Duct tape helps. I hole-punch favorites and insert rings.  Nobody will read a book after I’ve read it. Nobody will borrow one of my books either, which is fine by me.

Writing is hard work, and I’m slow to say, “This piece is finished.” The blog’s for fun, and for floating first impressions. The post wedges a thought into a new space, a test. Like little balloons, with strings, that may later become something else. I don’t know.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Anne Palmer,

    It is so daunting to write a writer. As my little 13 year old great niece says, “I write like a fifth grader.” It is a shame for both of us. I am overwhelmed by just reading your ” about me”.

    I understand from Martie that Catherine’s wedding was perfect. I would not have expected otherwise. The exciting news was that your mom danced the night away.

    I cannot wait to read what you have written.

    L., SueAnn

  2. Dear Anne … which is what I called you even though you were “AP” to others in La Jolla,
    I know I promised a detailed email but reading your blog is a start to being in touch. So impressed with your energy and commitment to doing what you’ve wanted to do …. that is, write. I will continue to follow your blog. And, one of these days, send that email about ‘me’!
    All my best and love,

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