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pelican“Clear! Seven Theories of Space” now appears in Bonus Content of PASSAGES NORTH, Northern Michigan University’s literary magazine.  Here’s the link: http://passagesnorth.com/2014/12/clear-seven-theories/

“Clear!” is essay — an experimental piece that looks for the connection between lyric, meditative, and personal essay. The seven sections, each a prose poem, touch at their edges, but only just.

It’s about Cessnas and spaceships, pelicans and thrushes and hawks, whelks and waves, pots and pens, and chatty storytellers. It’s a journey inward.

And check out this link for an excellent review of PASSAGES NORTH:


Navel gazing

I want what everyone wants. A good story. A good story.

There’s the rant.  Then there’s the whine.

I gave up part-time whining a decade or two ago when I realized nobody was interested.  I reassessed.  Now when I need to whine, I say this:  “I need to whine for three minutes. Is this OK with you?”  Hearing “three minutes”, which seems reasonable – I mean, a person can put up with anything short of physical torture for three minutes – and whoever’s on the receiving end says, “Fine.”  So I let loose.  I’m respectful of the time.

I need to whine for three minutes.

I’m emboldened by an article in the Wall Street Journal.  So, some background:  I’m at the breakfast table this morning, I open the Review section, which I read first, just before the book review, the theatre review, and anything by Peggy Noonan, who is brilliant and reasoned, and I see a column by Sam Sacks. He’s reviewing Nell Freudenberger’s latest.  Ho hum, I say to myself.  I’ve already read a review of that book, and I’m no closer to buying (or reading) it now than I was then.  There was something too smooth, too urbane, too circling, too meaninglessly psychological …. too too about her first book.  I stopped reading halfway through.  I was happy not to have paid good money for it.  I couldn’t understand the hype around it.

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